Premium Bath? We take the bath for you!

Premium Bath

Thinking about the senior community or people who have some kind of difficulty and don’t feel safe to bathe their own dog. Or they simply prefer not to, leaving it to a professional.

To meet this need we created a new service, the Premium Bath in partnership with Kobi Dog Training.

It is a service in which we provide an experienced professional trained in canine training who, after prior appointment, can bathe your dog in LavaCão.

Do you want to know our professional better? Download this link here kobi dog training.

How it works?

We come to your house to pick up your dog and give him a bath, which includes shampoo, anti-flea, conditioner and drying. After the bath we offer a 30m walk in which we make a photo report to see your bigeye happy and clean!
After the adventure we will deliver it to the house.

What are the advantages?

  • The unbeatable price.
  • Total Convenience, without leaving home.
  • Qualified Professional.
  • Premium Service Photos
Premium bath includes:

Bath / Drying + Walk 30m + Photo Report + Door to Door


14,99€ /

Service Geographically limited to a radius of 1.5 km from LavaCão.
It covers Campo de Ourique, Estrela, Campolide.

If you live elsewhere, price on request.

Telf: 962 989 396

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