Bathing the dog is caring for his health!


Whoever loves their dog wants to share all the moments with their best friend. Who doesn’t like to be pampered by their dog? A jump in the bed to wake us up, the party when we get home, or just to curl up on the couch with us or the kids.
All of these experiences are great but we cannot forget the importance of dog hygiene and, for this, bathing is essential! In addition to being fragrant and clean to go through every corner of the house, it is extremely essential for your pet’s health.
So let us leave out the myth about bathing dogs that still confuses many owners today. All dogs should receive a good bath regularly as it prevents impurities from accumulating in the middle of the coat. Of course, the frequency of the bath will have to be revised depending on the type of hair, breed or if he has any predisposition for skin diseases. We also cannot neglect water at the ideal temperature and preferably biological products suitable for bathing, manufactured especially for dogs also make all the difference in your dog’s quality of life.
Some recommendations:
Long-haired dogs: once every 4 weeks.
Medium-haired dogs: once every 4 and 6 weeks.
Shor-thaired dogs: once every 6 and 8 weeks.
Another factor to take into account is drying. Not drying the coat favors the proliferation of microorganisms and the appearance of unpleasant odors. Dogs have a lot of hair and need to be completely dry, with adapted dryers that can be regulated in power and temperature, which are essential in this process.
The ideal bath is given by your own owner as it can be a stressful process for the dog and you are your dog’s most trusted person.
Bathing at home may not be ideal. Excessive hair can cause clogging and we all know the mess of the process. So we suggest a place in Campo de Ourique with all the conditions to be able to wash the dog. For this there is a solution called Self-service Lavacão.
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